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Here at Bloom Studio I am passionate about teaching women to embrace who they are, and to love their curls. I believe that once you understand your curls, you can truly begin to flourish. I am excited to help you BLOOM!


I am a coach just as much as I am a hairstylist. During your first appointment, we will use half of our time to walk you through YOUR curls. I will teach you how to hydrate and seal each curl. You will leave with the steps to create the look and the confidence to achieve it yourself.


As a curly girl, how many times has a bad hair day caused you to stay in? Be honest. My answer: Too dang many!! Not any more girls! Once you understand the 'WHY' behind the frizz, you don't have to be afraid anymore.


Great HEALTHY curls take time. I have been a stylist for over 20 years and have only recently achieved the healthiest curls of my life. Bleach made my curls weak and stringy, but I had no idea! Heat can also do major damage to our curls, and texture shears are the worst! All things I didn't understand, but the proof is in the pictures. I can put you on the path to healthy hair, but patience and time will get you to the final destination.  

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"Casey is amazing! Not only is she amazing at her craft but her energy is incredible. I leave with great and feeling refreshed and filled up and inspired. I drive over an hour to see Casey and it's 100% worth it!"

Christian - Lansing, MI

"I highly recommend Casey, for all of your curly hair needs. She has such a cool vibe and positive attitude. She was able to look at my hair and assess what my hair needed and then preformed a miracle on my head!! lol. But seriously, you will not leave her chair disappointed. I promise you WILL be uplifted and inspired to 'BLOOM'!"

Amanda Rachelle

"Casey is incredible! She went through all of the steps, from beginning to end, on how to properly wash and moisturize my hair. I am still shocked is looks wet but is actually dry! It's moisturized!! I definitely recommend her if you have curly hair and aren't sure what to do with it or need anything done, really. I'll for sure be coming back! Thank you, Casey! 

Holly Sue Moorehead

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