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My mission is to help women see their beauty. I believe once you understand your curls you truly begin to embrace yourself.

I am a mom to three girls (and a bonus daughter from Italy) all with some type of curl. I have been married to my high school love (who is a barber) since 2002. I enjoy the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs build their dreams and watch my curlfriends bloom. 

My life's work is to find that sweet spot of the perfect balance between a job I love, my family, and creating space to do things that light my soul on fire.


When I'm not at work, you'll find me hanging out with one of my kids, teaching or learning curly hair, adventuring with my husband, or reading the newest self-help book.


I am a junkie for self-improvement and love the journey of life. Can't wait to become part of your journey!

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I'm not just a curly hair specialist. I am a curly girl. I struggled to understand my hair for most of my life, fighting against the curl and wanting straight blonde hair. Well, as you can see, those days are over! I have spent a lifetime in trial and error and now believe that there is hope for every curly girl out there! Your hair is NOT a mistake!

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EDUCATION: I am not the answer. YOU are! My job is to teach you how to understand your curly hair. Together we will walk through a step-by-step process to your best curls.

I use all PLANT-BASED products. I believe that we need to use products that create healthy hair by allowing moisture into the hair.

Dry, curl by curl, cutting. I want to see the shape of your hair as I cut it. All hair services come with CURL EDUCATION and PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE.

I am committed to CONTINUED GROWTH. I attend multiple classes a year and work as an educator for Innersense Organic Beauty.

I believe that healing past hurts and trauma some of us have experienced with our hair is part of learning to LOVE YOURSELF and see your hair as beautiful.

Natural curly hair takes TIME and PATIENCE to understand. I will give you the tools you need, but you will have to commit to the process.

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