My mission is to help women see their beauty. I believe once you understand your curls you can truly begin to embrace yourself.



I am a mom to three girls, all with some type of curl. I have been married to my high school love since 2002, who is a barber, and I have owned a salon for 15+ years. I only recently closed the doors to my big salon and gone solo. I am now co-owner of City Suites Salon and Spas and enjoy the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs build their dreams. I find my hope in God and find my purpose in Psalm 139. I love knowing that I was knit together in my mother's womb. Made with a PURPOSE on PURPOSE, girls! No mistakes!




I'm not just a curly hair specialist, I am a curly girl. I struggled to understand my hair for most of my life, fighting against the curl and wanting straight blonde hair. Well, as you can see those days are over! I have spent a lifetime in trial and error and now believe that there is hope for every curl girl out there! Your hair is NOT a mistake!


My specialties include:

  • EDUCATION: I am not the answer, you are! My job is to teach you how to understand your curly hair. Together we will walk through a step by step process to your best curls.

  • I use all PLANT BASED products. I believe that we need to use products that create healthy hair by allowing moisture into the hair.

  • Dry, curl by curl, cutting. I want to see the shape of your hair as I cut it. All hair services come with CURL EDUCATION and PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE.

  • I am committed to CONTINUED GROWTH. I attended 4 classes in 2019 to better serve you, and understand me. I believe that we should never stop learning!

  • I believe that healing past hurts and trauma some of us have experienced with our hair is part of learning to LOVE YOURSELF and see your hair as beautiful.

  • Natural curly hair takes TIME and PATIENCE to understand. I will give you the tools you need but you will have to commit to the process.