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A curly hair routine does not need to be complicated. What works for someone else may not work for you. I am here to help customize your routine for your specific hair type. I cut the hair curl by curl and style with only Innersense Organic hair products. What we put on our hair matters!


Many of the "curly girl approved" products create build up on the hair and block moisture from getting in. I will detox your hair and show you what your wet hair should feel like. This is my favorite part of the appointment!

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Bloom is the name of my salon suite, but it is so much more than a salon. It's my mission. Getting a flower to full bloom takes time and care. I want to help you understand your curls as well as embrace the essence of you! LETS GROW TOGETHER!

To request an appointment, please fill out the new client waitlist form.  All new clients are booked before 2:00pm, and I do not offer any evening appointments. New clients should expect a few months wait before getting in. I send an email every month opening my books and take a limited number of new guests. 



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