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Oh my goodness, if you are not already using Innersense Organic Beauty, you are missing out! If you have tried it but did not like it, I encourage you to give it another try. I will tell you that there is a learning curve to truly CLEAN beauty.


For years I searched for a product that would "change my curls." I wanted my texture to be different than it was. Thanks to the many products on the market that could coat my hair (silicones), I had never really understood my texture.  Products that coat the hair create a barrier that eventually does not allow water to absorb, and the hair becomes even more dry.  So we search for another product to fix that. All the while, it was the build-up of harsh toxic ingredients wreaking havoc on our curly, textured hair!


Enter the room, Innersense.  This product has simplified my routine and allowed me to truly understand curls are like a piece of fabric...each needing specific, special attention.  This means fewer wash days and more freedom!  Clean beauty also means I don't worry about the thousands of poisons allowed in our beauty products.


I loved this product so much that I got more interested in the vision of this amazing company, As a stylist, they support me in education and community.  Innersense taught me so much about how to care for people and our planet.


My love for their vision led me to become an artist-level educator in 2022. Now I share my love of curls, salon business building, and clean beauty with so many.

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